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Peace Corps Prep

Peace Corps Prep

Did you know that the University of Oklahoma was selected by the Peace Corps to establish a Peace Corps Prep program on campus? Launched during the fall 2017 semester, students interested in Peace Corps service can earn Peace Corps Prep credentials that will help prepare them for service overseas and may increase their chances of selection for the Peace Corps. The program is housed in the College of International Studies, but is open to students across campus.

In the Peace Corps Prep Program, students determine a learning track (or sector) toward their credential. At OU, participants can focus on health, the environment or community economic development. To earn their credential, students must gain experience and complete coursework related to their sector and language of interest. Students are also required to gain intercultural, professional and leadership experience.

Through this program, participants will gain invaluable experience and skills and will be more prepared applicants for Peace Corps service should they choose to pursue that opportunity. The purpose of the Peace Corps is to train men and women to create global partnership and enhance sustainable development throughout the world. Started in 1961, Peace Corps volunteers today serve in over 60 countries across the globe and typically live in-country for a term of two years. Volunteers offer services to the local community, but also build valuable skills as they learn new languages and adapt to foreign cultures and situations. Peace Corps volunteers work collaboratively with local citizens on a variety of projects including health and sanitation development, environmental programs, entrepreneurship and education. After returning home, volunteers have access to a wide network of former Peace Corps members and are eligible for a number of government jobs as well as graduate school fellowships.

The Peace Corps provides a unique opportunity to combine international service with both personal and professional growth. Through this new partnership, OU students have the opportunity to prepare themselves to volunteer overseas by gaining the knowledge and experience necessary for a position with the Peace Corps.

Learn more about the Peace Corps Prep program here. You can also email OU’s Peace Corps Prep Coordinator Sarah Griswold at or call (405) 325-1962 with questions about applying.

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