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CIS Scholarships

"Kayaking with the Portuguese," by Landyce Smith. Lagos, Portugal.

As part of OU’s campus-wide scholarship system, the College of International Studies offers a number of scholarships, awards and travel grants. To help you maneuver some upcoming deadlines, here are important dates to keep in mind and a quick breakdown of each scholarship/award. To apply, visit


All of the following CIS study abroad scholarships will officially open for application on Oct. 1. The deadline to apply for most is Feb. 1, 2018.

For all majors

  • CIS Board of Visitors Scholarship – Undergraduate and graduate students to study abroad in non-western destinations. Preference given to IAS students.

  • Shirley Routt Bomford Endowed Scholarship – for undergraduate students.

  • Molly & David Boren Scholarship - Undergraduate and graduate students with financial need with preference given to IAS majors.

  • Philip Farish Scholarship- Priority given to the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

  • Seymour Feiler Scholarship - Study abroad in Clermont-Ferrand, France

  • Mackey Family Endowed Scholarship – Arabic or Middle Eastern Studies majors.

  • Ambassador Perkins Scholarship - Study in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America.

  • Millie Schafer Sitzman Award - Undergraduate students enrolled in a program of international study.

  • Dean Suzette Grillot Scholarship - Students participating in the OU in Arezzo program during the fall, spring or summer semester.

  • Farzaneh Family Persian Language Scholarship

For IAS majors only

  • Mehdi Firoozabadi Iranian Studies Language Scholarship - IAS students seeking to further language education in Parsi, Farsi or other Persian language.

  • Cole Frates Endowed Scholarship - IAS students who study in Latin America or Europe with extra consideration for students who wish to study in Holland.

  • Enes Kanter Scholarship - IAS majors. Additional consideration will be given to female students or students who demonstrate an interest in/commitment to increasing the prevalence of, or improving the role of, women in the field of international studies.

  • Ann and Marc Nuttle Award for Middle East Studies - IAS students who demonstrate superior understanding of religious tolerance in the Middle East through a thoroughly researched term paper on the subject.

  • St. Elijah's & Anthony Shadid Arabic Language Study Scholarship - Awarded to the best IAS student in Middle East Studies whose principal language of study is Arabic.

  • Mary & Don Sherman International Networking Scholarship - IAS majors who take part in an international networking opportunity.

  • Paula Throckmorton Zakaria and Fareed Zakaria Scholarship - IAS students participating in a CIS study abroad program.

For International Students

  • Cleo Cross Scholarship

  • Sue Williams Service Award

  • Paul & Rose Sharp Scholarship

  • Greenberg Scholarship - International Student from Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden. Applications will be accepted beginning February 1, 2018

  • Rosemary Heatley Close Scholarship - Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need from developing countries or countries experiencing internal cultural, economic or political turmoil.

  • Farzaneh Family Scholarship for Iranian Students - Iranian students with a significant financial need.


CIS Student Internship Support Grant (spring internship deadline is Nov. 14) Students may apply for one $2,000 internship grant per academic year for travel and housing support related to international internship activities.

To see a complete list of all CIS scholarships available, visit If you have any questions, contact CIS at 405-325.-1396 or visit an advisor today!

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