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International Study Centers Celebration Sept. 5-22

2016 Italy Week Joust

Are you thinking about adding study abroad to your college experience? If you answered yes (and you should answer yes!), mark your calendars and save these dates to learn more about each of OU’s international Study Centers! Each Center will be celebrated with its very own week full of fun and excitement.

OU in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (OUR): September 5-8

OU in Arezzo, Italy (OUA): September 11-15

OU in Puebla, Mexico (OUP): September 18-22

The Directors of each Study Center - Caren Addis Botelho, OUR; Kirk Duclaux, OUA; and Armando Garcia, OUP - will be on campus to visit with you and answer any questions you may have. We’re also looking forward to seeing OUA’s Student Services Coordinator, Lucio Bianchi! In addition, our Education Abroad team and Director of Study Centers Operations, Annaly Beck, will be present to talk with you about all things regarding international studies, costs, financial assistance available, course credit, and the many once-in-a-lifetime experiences you gain through international travel. Also, did we mention there will be some delicious food?? Stay tuned for more details about all the activities we have planned during Brazil, Italy and Mexico Week. You are NOT going to want to miss this!

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