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Experiencing Puebla

In one of her first duties as OU’s Director of Study Center Operations, Annaly Beck recently visited the OU in Puebla Study Center and spent some time traveling around Puebla with her exceptional tour guide, OUP Director Armando Garcia.

“I enjoyed my trip to Puebla because I was able to reconnect on a personal level with my culture, and the many memories that I have of family vacations to visit Mexico, as it has been a long time since I traveled there,” said Beck.

Working with students and faculty who are interested in studying abroad at OU’s study centers, Beck wanted to experience its beautiful charm for herself. During her stay, she saw the Templo de Santo Domingo, known for its baroque architecture and ornately sculptured Capilla del Rosario (Rosary Chapel); toured through Puebla’s main square, Zocalo of Puebla; climbed the pyramid at Cholula; and shopped the many traditional crafts sold on the shopping corridor known as El Parian.

“The students should know that Puebla is a beautiful and vibrant city offering a wide range of things to do and see. You get a wonderful sense of the Mexican culture and really get a taste of the neat things Puebla is known for, such as its food and rich history.”

No trip to OUP is complete without walking through its partner university, the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, or UPAEP for short. UPAEP houses OUP’s student lounge and office and classroom spaces. Beck also stopped by one of Puebla’s hospitals, where pre-med majors at OUP have the opportunity to complete medical rotations, and she was able to meet several of the doctors who oversee OU students.

“I encourage everyone to consider studying in Puebla. Armando really takes care of the students and ensures they are given a great experience,” Beck said. “Students are allowed to immerse themselves in the culture and truly enjoy their time in Puebla.”

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