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The Power of Study Abroad

“My perspective of the world changed forever when I stepped off the plane in Beijing. Not only was I exploring a whole new culture on the other side of the world, but I was also overcoming obstacles.”

– Brooke Blackwood, Broadcasting and Electronic Media Alumna, Journey to China Study abroad is a completely life-changing experience. Exploring a different country builds a spirit of independence. It allows students to further their education in new surroundings, actively observing and participating in the world around them – all while honing their language skills. Study abroad is a great way to meet new people, learn about a culture, and form lifelong friendships. Once-in-a-lifetime memories are made – just ask Brooke Blackwood. Check out Brooke’s personal digital story about her Journey to China adventure and how it impacted her life.

If you are interested in studying abroad, there are many things to consider. Your first step is to attend Study Abroad 101, an opportunity for you to talk with an Education Abroad advisor about the application process, program costs and how to choose the best location for you. Study Abroad 101 happens every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Adams Tower Student Learning Center, Room 105, and Tuesday-Friday at 4:30 p.m. in Farzaneh Hall, Room 146. Register today!

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